Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jared being Jared

Jared finally found where he belongs

Visiting the hospital

Jared and his companion visit this sweet member in the hospital and sing to her.
Then they take her for a wild ride down the hospital handicap
ramps as fast as they can go and she
laughs all the way down 5 stories

Jared and his friends in Taiwan

Jared came across these monkeys randomly as they were out tracting.

Macy loves Penny

Macy loves Penny, but Penny is not too sure about Macy,
unless Macy is eating and sharing her snacks.

Rock N Roll Macy

Grandma Cagle sent Macy a guitar for Christmas so she could rock out like her dad!

I am too cute!

Macy loves to wear wigs and then admire herself in the mirror!